2010 Citizens of the Earth (2nde LV1 & LV2) Awareness campaigns

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Students had to create an awareness campaign after working on different documents about environmental issues. They had to imagine they had been hired to campaign at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Videoclip by Silène Della Libera, and Marina Vigourous (LV2) :

Videoclip by Marilou David and Manon Joly (LV2) :

Videoclip by Flora Zucal (LV2) :

Videoclip by Marine Gril and Morgane Lepage (LV1) :

Videoclip by Florian Gheffour and Hédi Remram (LV1) :

Videoclip and Song by Mayssa Benmansour, Laura De Saint Etienne, Kevin Devesse, Marie Duquenne and Salwa El Ayachi (LV1) :

Videoclip by Agathe Debard and Manon Fleury (LV1) :


Slideshow by Noemie Eyoum, Marie Michels and Madeleine Zuber (LV2) :


Slideshow by Adam Buys, Jérémy David and Rémi Martineau (LV2) :


Song by Samuel Baccuet (piano) and Corentin Baron (vocals), Imagine by John Lennon (LV2) :


Poster by Corentin Fievet and Nicolas Rouge (LV2) :

Poster by Nicolas Daoud and Louis Fourquet (LV2) :