2011 Travail The Great Fire of London

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  • Instructions "The Great Fire of London"

    After listening to an interview about the Great Fire, the pupils had to use their notes to write an article to be published on the school’s website. You will find their work below.
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  • The Great Fire Of London

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    In the 17th century, London was a very large medieval city, one of the major cities in Europe. Houses were made of wood and there were lots of timber buildings. That was dangerously flammable so the fire didn’t take long to spread. On September 2nd, 1666, there was a great fire. It began in (...)


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    In 1666, London, a very large medieval city, underwent a tragic accident. It began in the premises of a baker very early in the morning in Pudding Lane. We don’t know exactly how it started but we think that an oil lamp, a candle or ovens may have been the cause of the fire. London had been (...)

  • The Great Fire of London

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    It was an important inferno in the center of London. It began on September 2nd and ended on September 5th , 1666. It burned down St Paul’s cathedral, 13,200 houses, 87 churches, most of the buildings of the city authorities and many businesses. There were only six casualties, but between 70,000 (...)

  • The Great Fire of London.

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    The Great Fire of London.
    The Great Fire of London was a major fire that swept through the city of London. The fire began on September 2nd, 1666 very early in the morning, in a bakery of Pudding Lane and it ended on September 5th, 1666.
    London was a medieval city built with wood, a (...)