345 years ago : The Great Fire of London

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My story took place in September 1666. We were in a major city of medieval Europe : London.
We were in Pudding Lane, it was early in the morning, maybe 4 or 5 a.m.

Everybody was asleep. Almost everybody was asleep : The baker was already at work, baking his bread.

Was it a candle, an oil lamp, an oven ? We don’t know and maybe we’ll never know. But all we know is that a fire started at that special place and at that special moment. It could have been a simple domestic accident. Nothing more. But it spread all over the town until it became the biggest fire that London had ever known.

The gret fire of London

Nowadays, we know the damage this fire caused in London :

It burnt for 4 or 5 days and the debris smouldered for many days afterwards.

Many buildings were made of wood so about 13000 houses and 87 churches were destroyed and many businesses burnt out, which created a lot of homeless people.

October 17th 2011, Charlotte & Sibylle.