2011 LONDON - Poetry Poems by pupils from Euro classes

(actualisé le ) par prof_anglais

London, light shines in the sky

On the well-known Big Ben

Near the famous Westminster Abbey

Directly above Buckingham Palace

On top of St Paul’s Cathedral

Next to the London Eye


London is an amazing place

Where people’s dreams do not collapse.

Some of them know misery

But they are all a big family

Who sometimes hate each other

And get happy when they see their own mother.


When you go for a walk by the river Thames

With boats passing by and the water moving

You can stand there admiring the Gerkin,

This trifling moment becomes one of your daily aims.

Even if it seems to be always the same,

You just know that London is your home place

And that you would never live somewhere else

Because London is England’s fame.


While walking in London

Look around and you will see

A very beautiful town

Where everyone is free.

There are lots of places to visit

Churches, palaces and parks with old trees.

You won’t have any time to sit

That makes London the place to be.


London is my city

’Cause there’s a lot of creativity

I love London

Come on !

London is beautiful

And that’s very cool !


London is the city of the throng

Where folks walk and run,

It’s the city where all belong,

The place that is compared to none.

My London is alive,

A place reverberant with sound,

The city set to thrive,

The perfect city has been found.


On the other side of the river

Stands an anthill.

There, near a tower,

The Queen eats her meal.


God save the Queen, why God ? Why the Queen ?

Just listening to this song, I’ve got the spleen.

I prefer Republic, Democracy and Equality.

England’s wealth must be shared by everybody.


Beyond black cabs and double deckers,

Cathedrals and so much more I know,

Think of what it contains and not its show

And you will understand London is also a frontrunner,

A ship where the crew is the best rudder

In spite of streams, storms and other hardships,

Londoners will have to remain close forever.


London is a lovely place

Full of happiness.

Sometimes sunny,

And more often than not rainy.

London is a beautiful city

With such opportunity,

Full of mistery

And luminosity.


A new departure may all erase ;

Strangers forget all about their distress.

In the streets, smiles are on their faces.

It is where sweet life takes place.

I can feel her heartbeats,

I can feel them under my feet

This good feeling has no limit

Just the pleasure to live every minute.


I dream - when the Queen invites me,

I will go to London city

On a red double decker bus

Or in a black cab, I’m so curious.

Listen to Big Ben’s famous chime,

Then London Eye, still have the time.

The changing of the guards at Buckingham

And Tower Bridge are in my cam.

But I wake up : no river Thames,

London city, I wish I came.


London, the city of all passions

London, the city of stories

London, the city of all inspirations

London, the city of all mysteries

London, the city of History.

London, the city of monarchy

London, the city of all foods

London, the city of happiness

London, the city of all moods

London - restless.


What is this soft music caressing my ears ?

As a light white handkerchief of happiness

With this I’ve shed no more tears

While plunging into smooth peacefulness.

Each sound of this music

Seems to be part of the world

And every sound - as if by magic

melts and creates a unit of the world.

What are these sounds running in harmony ?

Suddenly, with a a warm tone and no warning

Millions of voices respond to me :

These are the people of London, my darling.