Retour sur la mobilité au Mans et newsletter #5 article rédigé par Adam

(actualisé le ) par prof_erasmus

Starting from the 23rd to the 29th of September, Lucas, Cyrille and us, Maya and Adam, went to Le Mans for the Erasmus + mobility. It’s a city in the middle-west of France. The week was about theater so we had 2 hours of practice each days with the actress Margot Charon. We finally performed it the Friday in front of many kids. So, let’s sum up our trip !
We started the Tuesday by doing presentations and a welcoming breakfast. Then we went altogether to visit the historical centre of the city. After lunch we did games and it was nice because just have met our correspondents the day before so we learned to know them and the foreigners a bit more. What was really cool too is the party they organized for us the evening.
We continue the next day by choosing what and how we will perform to the kids. We rehearsed a lot through the week to make the best show as possible. We went to a tree climbing park called "Tepacap" for the afternoon after countless trials (like an angry woman who hates when a group of students waits for the bus near her home !).
On Thursday, we left Le Mans to discover another big town in France : Nantes. We took the train early and arrived at morning. We started this day by going in a presentation of the wood sector in the district, it was named "Atlanbois". After this exhibition, we went to "L’Île de Nantes", the Nantes’ Island. It’s a new sustainable area in this town located in the middle of the Loire River. At the afternoon, we went to an exhibition in a castle : "Château des Ducs de Bretagne", the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany. It was about Amazonia. There was also a great exhibition about rock in Nantes. Finally, we visited an architecture school and we came back to Le Mans.
On Friday, we finished to prepare our two dramas : Gilgamesh and Narcisse. When we performed under the eyes of the kids of a primary school, we did the best of us. Everybody enjoyed it, kids like teachers. At the end of the day, we did our farewell to Margot and to the Italians and Romanians. Later, we did a party in the house of Adam’s correspondent, Noam.
On the last day, we did a Photo Contest in the historical centre of Le Mans. There were people selling flowers and other things, but mostly flowers. It was beautiful to walk in the streets with different flowers all around us. There was even a house where a lot of cats lived. But it was not eternal, and we all did our farewell to the Spanish students and teachers. We ate together in the city for the afternoon and finally left Le Mans. There were tears of the departure, but also smiles of the return to Sartrouville.
To conclude, we all loved this trip. There were many people to meet, even if we mostly spoke English. Students of Le Mans were nice and funny. Everybody made a contribution to the journey, no matter the countries, the cultures, the language, and more.

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